Tutorials and trainings

This department deals with the entire field of training, training and imparting theoretical and practical knowledge to the company’s employees and external customers in the various security fields.
Guidance, training and education are at the core of any security force, combatant or auxiliary; The quality of the execution and the actual implementation are a direct derivative of the quality of the training, the quality of the content and the experience of the instructors. Because of this, we make sure to maintain the highest possible professional level, to update the theories, the methodology and the content on a regular basis, to keep up to date with the latest innovations and changes in the field.

Courses and training in the field of security:

the team

The company’s training department recruits security system veterans with a proven training background; Behind each of the instructors are thousands of hours of frontal training and rich operational experience.

We believe in creating a perfect training environment for the client – that is why we maintain close cooperation with training and development teams in parallel companies in order to derive maximum benefit from each training and training and provide the client with the best theoretical and practical knowledge.

There are training options in additional fields that do not appear in the list above.

For inquiries regarding such a course or for obtaining additional information, we will be happy to be at your disposal.

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