Removal of invaders

Eviction of squatters is a move carried out to remove a person or group of people from an area where they are staying illegally. The intruders are criminals, without rights to the properties they invaded. These are usually dangerous people and you don’t know how they will react, so the most effective and safest option is to contact a professional company that specializes in the subject to take care of evacuating the intruders.

The security company BTS, led by Col. (Retd.) Benny Tal, is one of the oldest and most experienced in the field. The extensive experience, professionalism, and adherence to goals that have been proven over the years have led to success in various projects – such as evacuating squatters from buildings in Jaffa, Central Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Kibbutz Yakum .

In the event that you encounter intruders that need to be evicted, do not hesitate and contact the security company BTS. Dealing with intruders is often forceful, and the police usually avoids entering into a confrontation with the criminals. Instead of turning to the local authorities and suffering from bureaucracy, transfer the handling of the evacuation to the private security company. We carry out extensive intelligence work to get to know the area, and work to maintain order using the best personnel. Every activity is recorded by cameras from many angles.

Watch the videos documenting the evacuation of invaders in space:

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