Prevention of loss and depreciation

The economic situation has resulted in a step up in terms of activity in the field of thefts from marketing chains. The thieves have become more sophisticated, bolder and organized in a way that requires comprehensive and professional preparation at all levels of society – from the simple employee to the manager.
A combination of awareness, proper training along with taking decisive actions over time will lay a solid foundation for reducing depreciation and loss and with it the damage to the company’s profitability.

The loss prevention department is engaged in providing comprehensive solutions to companies and networks in the following areas:

Professional advice

Foundation and establishment of a professional system with the aim of providing a complete answer to the issue of loss prevention, depreciation and theft prevention. The process includes:
- Flooding and identification of failures and problems in the business
- Report generation
- Providing a variety of solutions to deal with and eradicate failures and problems
- Increasing awareness of the issue
- Carrying out trainings among the employees, all this under close control and supervision

Executive and employee workshops

Another facet of the consulting issue focuses on the delivery of workshops and trainings for the company's employees and managers, which include regular trainings for refining and refreshing work methods, methods of action and prevention.

Exposing employee embezzlement

The combination of innovative electronic means - hidden cameras, product marking, tiny sensors and tracking software enable the formation of an overall picture of the scope of the phenomenon, those involved and damage to the business.

Disclosure and prevention of supplier theft

Full availability of the variety of products, in-depth familiarity with unloading and loading procedures and facilities combined with transportation capacity, resulted in a steep increase in supplier theft cases. You often hear about "shop within a shop" and thefts on a massive scale that significantly harm the business's profits; often with the cooperation of employees. BTS has an impressive record of dealing with such cases; Each case is examined individually and receives a unique, creative and complete answer and solution.

Dealing with thieves

The "professional" thieves became a real scourge; The methods and activity are varied and refined from year to year, and in most cases succeed in outwitting the most sophisticated detection facilities and sensors. BTS will operate an array of visible and hidden security officers and sensing and photography systems for the purpose of deterring and capturing thieves and eradicating the phenomenon in the business environment.

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