Personal security

Personal security is a central area of ​​activity of our company since its foundation in 1981 until today. The department has extensive and varied experience in personal security in Israel and around the world. The department locates, trains and trains fighters and veterans of the security system for various physical security tasks.
The security guards are armed and qualified to respond in extreme situations – both on foot and on horseback, quick rescue, escape and incident isolation.
The process of forming the security plan has several basic steps:

  • Analysis and definition of risk to secure.
  • Building a personalized security plan for the security guard and his family.
  • Implementation of the security plan while taking into account the nature of the security guard, his occupation, interfaces with risk factors on the one hand, and maintaining a routine and normal lifestyle as much as possible on the other hand.
  • Providing a response, handling and operational guidance for large events, while cooperating with additional shell forces.

The company offers its services to public figures, companies, institutions, diplomats, celebrities, senior citizens and private individuals.
Providing security services to senior officials in authorities and public bodies
As part of our company’s integrated solution for various security tasks, our company provides a security solution for senior officials.
This service is provided following the receipt of threats to senior officials or fear for the lives of family members, all as a result of leading processes or making decisions that “harm the interests” of criminal elements or opponents.
The company will provide full protection for his personality and family, and will be in direct and ongoing contact with the intelligence agencies and the police until the threat is removed.

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