Hotsalaf and asset collection

In many cases, even if the law states, the authorities find it difficult to enforce and implement it. When there is resistance from the other side, the job is doubly difficult, so an executive arm is needed to do the job in the best possible way.

The execution execution department at BTS has rich and established experience, and a long list of recommended clients. We are careful about fast and careful execution, and full cooperation with the law authorities.

All the actions described above are carried out through a legal order:

Carrying out execution procedures

Delivery of warnings
Execution of foreclosures
Seizures of vehicles
All this in the service of private clients, financial entities and lawyers. The work is carried out through a qualified official from the Ministry of Justice who is accompanied by professionals and security guards, if necessary. The activity is carried out in the Jewish and Arab sectors.

Management of asset receivership operations

during company bankruptcy proceedings. BTS serves as the executive arm of the receiver, including dealing with creditors who threaten to seize the company's assets, and performing execution work for the receiver. The work is carried out with skilled and high-quality personnel, who are prepared to deal with changing situations.

Removal of an opposing population

Dealing with dissidents and dealing with those who obstruct the routine activities of various bodies and enterprises. The BTS company will isolate the resistance, return the activity to normal and secure the place until the end of the conflict and even after it if necessary.

Aggressive rescues

Creative rescue of employees or goods in crisis situations between the company's management and its employees. An operation that includes various techniques to achieve the goal, including sophisticated deceptions and a combination of advanced technological solutions.

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