enforcement and supervision

The enforcement and supervision department specializes in six areas. Due to the nature of the activity and the nature of the projects, most of the activity is aimed at the municipal and public market, but it can also be implemented for private customers while making the necessary adjustments.

Areas of specialization include:

Evacuation and demolition of buildings

Working in the service of municipal bodies and local authorities, in cooperation with security and police forces, for the purpose of evacuating threatening opponents and demolishing illegal buildings. The company signs cooperation agreements and employs professional demolition teams, bulldozers, advanced engineering tools and evacuation trucks. The entire procedure is managed and secured by the experienced staff of BTS.

Evacuation of illegal invaders to public areas

Work in the service of public companies, corporations and authorities to evict squatters who have taken possession of a site or public space. The BTS company manages and carries out the procedure using robust security guards, skilled in handling a violent population and dealing with stressful situations. If necessary, external aid forces will be used to deal with extreme situations and complete the work. In this case, we will take care of the security of the destination after the evacuation and for an agreed period, in order to prevent repeat takeover by lawbreakers.

Planning, establishment and operation of a municipal police

In light of the increase in crime rates in the city centers, the increasing vandalism and the lack of police resources, there is a real need for the establishment of municipal enforcement bodies to assist and enforce order in routine and emergencies. The plan is carried out in cooperation with and with the approval of the head of the municipal body and includes the recruitment, training and training of personnel, the establishment of an urban situation and control room or the carrying out of an upgrade and adjustment to an existing municipal HML. The plan is built and adapted to the special and specific needs of each municipal authority.

Providing comprehensive assistance for leading and implementing organizational changes in local and municipal authorities

While dealing with and neutralizing power factors, breaking strikes and giving the possibility for continued normal conduct of the public authority.

Monitoring and other supervision
sand thieves

A field that is becoming more and more relevant and topical in recent times. The BTS company has many years of experience in operating mobility, inspectors and service personnel to enforce municipal and public laws. The activity is carried out through covert surveillance of suspects, using small teams, advanced technological means, and through rapid intervention teams to thwart operations before - and while - happening.

Monitoring and enforcement of a ban
waste disposal

This field, similar to the field of sand theft, has recently risen to the public agenda due to the severe environmental and safety consequences it causes. We carry out activities in the service of local authorities to prevent the dumping of waste (building, garbage, etc.) at sites that are not declared. The mission in all its stages is planned and carried out by the company, starting with the intelligence gathering stages, and ending with the activation of prevention and enforcement teams around the clock, and at specified points.

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