BTS Security Company Profile

The security company BTS was founded in 1981 by Col. (res.) Benny Tal, one of the pioneers of personal security in the private sector.

Initially, the company offered basic security services and placed an emphasis on the field of personal security while adhering to kosher, planning and execution of the highest standards – and provided services to senior officials in the public sector, mayors and celebrities from Israel and abroad including the late Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Shlomo Lahat ( Cheech) and more.

Over the years and due to customer demand, the security company BTS began to grow and add additional services to its product portfolio; Security and training missions in Africa, personal security in Europe, security consulting for financial entities and assistance in times of crisis between management and employees publicized the company, brought it to the public consciousness and positioned it as a leader in its field.

Today, the security company BTS operates in Israel and abroad through four central branches that respond to a variety of requirements and needs. There is full cooperation between the arms, so that the client benefits from the advantage of the company’s size and its ability to adapt and provide solutions in short periods of time, under one roof.

Following the changes in the global perception and willingness to fight terrorism, the company is currently working on expanding the scope of its activities in the international markets, while investing many resources in establishing and nurturing business relationships, signing cooperation agreements with private clients and government bodies in relevant markets around the world.

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